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Oct 8, 2009

Sweet Memories 回忆匣子

Code : S-A0001 (Reserved)
Miss ya always~ 一直想念你~

Left 左 : S-A0002

Right 右 : S-A0003 (Reserved)
Thinking of You~ 我在想你~


Left 左 : S-A0004 (RESERVED)
Shy Shy~ 害羞哦~

Right 右 : S-A0005 (RESERVED)
I Like to be with You~ 喜欢跟你在一起~


Left 左 : S-A0006 (RESERVED)
Lamia Amico Rabbit~ Lamia Amico白兔~

Right 右 : S-A0007 (RESERVED)
Lamia Amico Bear~ Lamia Amico小熊~


Lovely Photo Album
Size 尺寸 : 15.7cm x 18.5cm x 4.8cm Thick/厚
Capacity 容量 : 50pcs 4R photos / 50张4R照片
Remarks 备注 : White background 白色背面

Price 售价 : RM12.90

****Buy 2 @ RM20!!****

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